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Apollo 4 - NASA's First All Up Test.

Space mission Apollo 4, also known as Apollo-Saturn 501 AS-501 was an unmanned flight which orbited three times and lasted for about eight and a half hours. It was launched on November 9, 1967 from the John F. Kennedy Space. Apollo 4 was the first full test of the Apollo mission sequence. It was unmanned and tested hardware and safety technology for future missions. NASA made an exhaustive investigation of the fire as it does with all space mishaps, which resulted in extensive reworking of the CMs.

James A. McDivitt – Commander of Gemini 4, selected in late 1966 to command the first Earth orbital flight test of the Apollo Lunar Module with the CSM. This mission flew in March 1969 as Apollo 9. After his flight, McDivitt was. The AS-501 mission was the first launch of a Saturn V rocket. Due to George Mueller's October 31, 1963 "All-Up" decision, this first launch included an entire, active space vehicle, including Apollo 4, an unmanned, but still. Apollo-Saturn mission 501, now officially Apollo 4 - the first all-up test of the three-stage Saturn V - was on its way. On its top rested spacecraft 017, a Block I model with many Block II features, such as an improved heatshield and a. Only nine months after the Apollo 1 accident, NASA was preparing the unmanned Apollo 4 mission for the first test flight of the Saturn V rocket which would launch the Apollo spacecraft and crew to the Moon. While earlier test. Mission Timeline 1961 Mercury Redstone 3 - 5 May 1961 - Earth Suborbital Shepard Mercury Redstone 4 - 21 July 1961 - Earth Suborbital Grissom 1962 Mercury Atlas 6 - 20 February 1962 - Earth Orbiter Glenn Other Missions.

2009/11/27 · NASA Official: Stephen Garber Last Updated: November 27, 2009Contact NASASite MapBudgets, Strategic Plans and Accountability ReportsEqual Employment Opportunity Data Posted Pursuant to. All of these astronauts flew on Gemini, and except for White, each commanded one Gemini and one Apollo mission: Ed White – Second-seat veteran of Gemini 4 who made the United States' first walk in space, selected as Senior Pilot second seat on Apollo 1., selected as Senior Pilot second seat on Apollo 1.

all Apollo missions would be numbered sequentially in the order flown, with the next mission to be designated Apollo 4, the following one Apollo 5, etc., and the Apollo Applications missions would be designated sequentially as AAP-1, AAP-2, etc. Image 4 of 17 Image credit: NASA Apollo 4 — "All-Up" Test The giant Saturn V rocket for the Apollo 4 mission at the Kennedy Space Center's launch complex 39A stands at the dawn of Nov. 8, 1967. This mission was originally called Apollo 204 but was redesignated Apollo 1 as a tribute to the astronauts. Numbering of the Apollo missions began with the fourth subsequent uncrewed test flight, Apollo 4. Apollo 5 and 6 were also. Apollo 4 flew on November 9, 1967, some nine months after the Apollo 1 fire. The Apollo 1 fire exposed the need for several design changes to the command module, not the least of which was the need for a hatch which could be.

Apollo 4The First Flight of the Saturn V Drew Ex Machina.

Apollo 17 This is an Apollo 17 Astronaut standing upon the lunar surface with the United States flag in the background. The seventh and last manned lunar landing and return to Earth mission, the Apollo 17. Photo Credit: NASA.

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